Skyrocket Your E-Com Google Ads In 2021.

14 hours of highly actionable, step-by-step training that will transform your eCommerce business. Your one-stop source of game-changing Google Ads knowledge.

100% applicable to your business
Real-world strategies, no dry theory
Optimization methods, templates & more

14 Hours

Of actionable video content


I spend on Google Ads and put the learnings into this training

No regurgitated YouTube content, no "summaries" - only actionable, step-by-step strategies that make a difference.

Get better results instantly, whether you spend $500 or $50,000 a month. You will be guided through what works best for your situation.

The strategies in the course have been battle-tested in the most competitive spaces imaginable. Skip the trial and error and benefit from the results of millions of dollars in ad spent.

Who is this course for?

  • Online store owners that want more sales and more profits from Google Ads
  • E-Commerce entrepreneurs that just got started
  • Google Ads veterans that want to get some additional cutting-edge insights
  • Consultants & agencies with E-Commerce clients they want to delight

Customer voices

Your instructor: 

Marco Rodriguez

What's inside?

Shopping Mastery

Master Google Shopping and sell products. A lot of them.

Power Feeds

Create Shopping Feeds that perform.

Profit Keywords

How to find and use profitable keywords for your campaigns.

Template Library

Step-by-step templates and checklists that guide you through the Goolge Ads jungle.

Analytics Insights

How to leverage data to sell more.

Tracking Demystified

Everything you need to know about tags, remarketing & more.

Bidding Mastery

Always know what to bid. Never overspend.

Performance Focus

You want sales + ROAS. That's our main goal with the entire course.

Real-World Examples

Watch me optimize and show examples of real accounts.

Search Ads Bootcamp

Shopping isn't everything. Master the craft of Search, too.

Store Optimization

Find out what makes the perfect store for Google Ads results.

Testing Framework

Finding winners is hard. Use my framework and get there quickest.

Trusted by store owners like you

The eCom PPC Academy and my trainings have skyrocketed numerous businesses.

I found Marco on YouTube and needed some help with expanding my business. Since he started we have massively expanded and he has been nothing but super professional and knowledgeable.

"It loved my stay here, and the people were really friendly too. I will surely be back again the next time I am in the city"

Marco is the best of the best with google ads . He has helped me resolve so many issues with my ads. From common to uncommon issues, Marco always had a solution.

Anthony Tang

Marco has helped me grow our business using Google Ads. I've stacked his teachings on my own experiences and this approach has worked great for me. I have also hired him in the past to help get my account back on track.

Marco’s a great mentor who coached me for achieving big revenue numbers with my e-commerce business. His knowledge and experience with Google Ads are great.

Lars Hauwert -

Marco is the man when it comes to google ads, his expertise pays for itself.

Jake Alexander



One-time payment
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14 hours of actionable Google Ads content
Templates, checklists, guides
Real life campaign optimization


One-time payment
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Everything from "Course Only"
8 weeks of guidance via Skype/WhatsApp
2 x 60 min Zoom sessions to boost your account


Do I need prior Google Ads skills?

No. We start from scratch, but then we accelerate the pace and turn you into a "Google Ads for eCommerce" pro.

Why should I listen to you in the first place?

Good question! :D Currently I'm spending around $40,000-50,000 a day on Google Ads for clients + myself. This doesn't include some of the businesses I'm actively consulting without managing their ads.

I've helped to scale multiple stores to 7- and even 8-figures in revenue, I'm a Google Certified Partner (meeting their ROAS + education guidelines) and been doing E-Commerce & Google Ads since 2015 :-)

What budget is necessary to follow the course?

That highly depends on your niche and competition. You can follow many principles with as little as $20-30 a day. The strategies and methods in this course are tailored to tiny drop shipping startups and 7-figure eCom brands alike.

Do you help me personally?

For the "Course Only" option I still provide basic email support, of course. Please understand though, that I can only offer in-depth 1 on 1 guidance (including full, personal calls) for the "1 on 1 Experience" option. If it is important to you that we look at your business and your campaigns together, you may want to choose this option.

What if I want to work with you even more closely?

My fully dedicated 1 on 1 services (both consulting and done-for-you) can be found here.

Is this Shopping-only?

Nope. While Shopping is a major part of this course, we also cover other campaign types such as Search and Display. I also show you which campaign type makes most sense for your situation.

What type of store do I need?

It doesn't matter. The principles in this course can be applied to both general stores and niche stores. I worked with shops in jewelry, clothing, accessories, pets, furniture, food, electronics, cosmetics, sports and everything in between in the past.

I'm spending $1,000 a day on Google already. Still for me?

Absolutely. You might skip some early lessons and get straight to the juicy stuff. I'm sure that unless you have been using Google Ads every day for several years you will definitely find some new ideas, inspirations and strategies to implement right away.

I live in [your country goes here]. Does it work?

Yup. As long as Google Ads can be used in the country you want to show ads in, this course will absolutely be for you.

Can I watch the content on mobile?

Yes, all video materials can be played back perfectly on desktops, mobiles and tablets.