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Are your ads not making (enough) money?

Probably this sounds familiar: you have been tweaking your ads all the time, but you are losing money.


Sometimes you may not even show up on Google Shopping and nobody knows why.


At the same time you hear everywhere that Google Ads are the best thing since sliced bread, yet you seem to be unable to make them work (or make them work at massive scale).


How's that even possible? Well, it's not your fault.


You have simply applied the wrong tactics, listened to the wrong advice and probably launched & tested your ads the wrong way.

Now it's time to discover the little known secrets 5% of E-Commerce & drop shipping stores use to leave their competitors behind using Google Ads.

The #1 training to become a Google Ads Wizard who sells products "on demand"

I follow a proven 3-step framework to make you successful with Google Ads. Check the details below:

Learn The Secrets

You will learn the strategies and tactics only 5% of E-Com businesses use. Join this elite group - it will be an eye-opener for you.





Apply Them Properly

By showing you how I work on actual campaigns and what I do to make them profitable, you will learn how to use the info directly in your store. No more guesswork and confusion.



Skyrocket Your Business

Ultimately, you don't want to be stuck at $100 a day.


In the end of the training you learn the proven methods that helped me and over 80 clients scale "normal" E-Commerce stores to 6-7 figures with Google Ads.

But... Is this training really for you?

Chances are that you have taken a bunch of courses before. Now you want to know whether it's a good decision to get this training or not. Here's how the course can help you (proven!):

  • You are spending money on Google Ads all the time, but it seems like you just couldn't make it work yet (you are losing money)

  • So far you have been focused on other traffic sources (like FB) but you need something else

  • You are doing "ok" with Google Ads, but for some reason you just can't scale past $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 a day.

  • You are facing issues like not getting any impressions, paying insanely high CPCs (especially on Shopping) and conversions are missing out

  • You finally want a reliable and profitable traffic source where you know that "if you spend $1,000 on ads, you will roughly get $4,000 out" (as an example)

What You will Get

The course is split into 6 different sections and over 25 long-form videos. Plus, you will get a bunch of ad templates, bid simulation cheat-sheets and more!

Module #1

Igniting Your Business

Learn what makes a great Google Ads products, how to find the perfect niche for you and how E-Com changes now in 2019.


Plus, I show you how to setup a Shopify store correctly.


Module #2

Google Ads Fundamentals

Let's start with the basics: how to have a perfect account structure, understand all bidding strategies and more.


Here we lay the foundation to your Google Ads success.


Module #3

Shopping Mastery

Probably what most E-Commerce business owners are excited about: next-level Shopping strategies that help you sell almost any product successfully.


Discover what makes a great feed, how to launch and test your products and how to crush any competitor on Shopping.



Module #4

Search Domination

Google Search is a massively underrated traffic source.

In fact, most people simply use it the wrong way.

If you use my Keyword-Value system you will be able to convert traffic similarly to Shopping (depending on the product).


Learn everything about keywords, ads and amazing Quality Scores.



Module #5

Display & YouTube

YouTube is the underdog when it comes to video marketing. Literally everyone is using FB + IG ads to promote video ads, meanwhile YouTube CPCs are at rock-bottom.


Learn how to crush it with YouTube and dominate that little-used traffic source. Hint: almost infinite scale is possible here.



Module #6

Optimization & Routines

By the time you check this section you are already better than probably 80-90% of other E-Com businesses using Google Ads.


In this chapter you will adapt the routines I use on a daily basis to effectively manage and scale accounts ranging from "close to zero" to making $100,000s a month.



Hey, it's Marco Rodriguez here!

Over the past 4 years I've been using Google Ads on a daily basis. That way I generated multiple 6-figures in sales for my own E-Com business as well as almost 7 million dollars for clients.


Being in the trenches every single day, I discovered the little-known strategies and tactics that consistently make a +500% ROAS while most businesses struggle to even break-even on Google Ads or make reliable, daily profits.


    E-Commerce business owners like you. Fascinating results.














    BONUS #1

    Next-Level E-Com Store Review

    I'll personally sit down and record a video review of your store. It can be gamechanging to have a second pair of experienced eyes look at your store.


    What if I discover something that could help you literally DOUBLE your conversion rate?


    BONUS #2

    Templates, Checklists, Cheat-Sheets

    What should you bid? How to grade your niches and products? What if there was a cheat-sheet with all the most relevant metrics?


    This and more is what you get as BONUS #2!


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    If you go through the course, put the strategies into action and still don't find it useful at all, I'm happy to refund your money. Read more about the specifics of our transparent refund policy here :-)

    Marco Rodriguez

    CEO & Founder - The eCom PPC Academy

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