Refund Policy

Updated 13 June 2019


Send us an email at

Every student of The eCom PPC Academy training program can claim a refund for the course within 30 days of purchasing it.


The eligibility of the refund depends on the following two factors:


(1) You have gone through all the video material of the course in order to get a full, coherent understanding of the strategies and frameworks I present there.


(2) You tried to make the course content work for you by implementing at least one of the strategies in your Google Ads account. This implementation should be documented by either screenshots or video. Examples: (i) you've created Google Shopping campaigns the way it has been taught in the course or (ii) you performed a full keyword research for your niche, implemented these keywords in a Search campaign and ran it for multiple days.


If you meet both criteria we won't hesitate to give you a refund through the payment method you used to pay for the course (credit card or PayPal) once we verified the criteria was met. Please allow 1 business day in response time for your refund inquiry.