Not satisfied with your E-Commerce results yet?
Would a Steady Flow of Purchase-Ready Customers Benefit Your eCom Business?
Discover The Well-kept AdWords Secrets That Transform Your Visitors Into Buyers - WITHOUT a Perfect Product
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You struggle getting your visitors to BUY your products instead of looking at them
  •  FB Ads are your primary source of traffic and your business depends on them entirely 
  •  It becomes more and more difficult to get profitable on the frontend, because of algorithm updates and increasing drop shipping / eCommerce competition
  •  Scaling your ads to $1,000 per day and beyond is difficult for you
  •  Testing dozens or hundreds of products becomes a tedious process and feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping they stick
If ANY of the points apply to you - welcome, you just came to the right place :-)
That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this course:
How you can leverage the might of Google AdWords — a widely underused traffic source in dropshipping and eCommerce – to drive hordes of hungry customers to your store. And let me tell you something:
  • If you want more sales…
  •  If you crave for something to start scaling your store… 
  •  If you aim to take your eCommerce business to the next level…
... Adwords will help you. 

Both as a single traffic source or as a powerful extension to your existing Facebook campaigns. Because Adwords is the path of least resistance. You get found by the people who already want to buy from you. 

Let me show you how to use Google Adwords to make YOUR eCommerce business scale and grow. 
Learn eCommerce Techniques VERY Few Sellers Even Thought Of
You don’t want competition, do you?

And in that case, you can’t do what EVERY OTHER eCommerce seller does. You need to have an advantage.

You need to break in from a different angle. Build some additional sources of traffic.

THAT’S the easy way.

You’ll learn how to in this in-depth training program. Some lessons include:
  • How to find profitable and cost-effective keywords in Adwords that help you sell any product
  • How to determine the most promising products in your store and boost them to greater heights with AdWords
  •  The techniques professional marketers use to create ads that attract people who already look for your products
  •  How to strategically adjust bids for your most important traffic
  •  How to sell your first products as quickly as possible, sometimes within a day, following a low-volume-high-ROI framework that allows you to focus on initial sales and scaling later
  •  Much, much more...
Store Owners Like You Who Enjoy Having an Edge! :)
Check their crazy sales, Return on Ad Spend of several hundred percent and their satisfaction with the intense material and hands-on mentality of this course.
Still not sure if this is for you?
Maybe you doubt it will help YOUR business grow in size and achieve the sales numbers you shoot for? 

Well, that depends on how realistic your targets are.

I don’t promise you life-changing business growth within a few days. I don’t promise you a magical way to wake up a millionaire next week without figuring some things out for yourself.

If that’s what you’re looking for… good luck. This course isn’t for you, and you’ll probably have a hard time finding the course that is.
But if you’re looking for a powerful way to get pre-qualified visitors – people that practically beg you to sell to them – you’ve stumbled upon something great. 
Get Access To The Insider Community
As you might have noticed, some of those images come from a Facebook group called eCom PPC Academy Mastermind.

It’s our own little secret AdWords Mastermind group – the exclusive place where I and students who enrolled in this course discuss, motivate and help each other.

Listen carefully to why that matters to you:

If you want to learn and talk to other eCommerce sellers just like yourself – you will definitely benefit from our mastermind. There’s this special, exciting feeling when you surround yourself with people who execute and get incredible results.

Seeing others be successful lifts YOU up as well.

And there’s one more thing...

Every 2 weeks we throw a live workshop online. I’ll sit down with all of you guys and personally answer questions that are pressing you at the moment. Plus, I share new, well-proven strategies that I apply on my own business.

Yes, I know. You’ve already got access to a wealth of information in this course. But sometimes you need specific advice on your rather special situation. Sometimes you need an outsider’s view on your issue.

This is your chance.

When you enrol the course, you will automatically gain access to both our mastermind and the bi-weekly workshops. It’s completely FREE and ONLY available to course students.

I look forward to meeting you over there!

"It is simply mindblowing what I learned in the eCom PPC Academy. Never knew that AdWords could benefit my dropshipping business in such a huge way."

— Jenny Kuehl, E-Commerce Entrepreneur
Your Instructor - Marco Rodriguez
Marco got his feet wet with eCommerce back in 2014 and launched his first Shopify store in 2015. Since then he built a 6-figure eCommerce brand and sold on Shopify, eBay and Amazon. 

From 2016 and forward, he teaches thousands of entrepreneurs how to succeed in eCommerce on his Youtube channel The eCom Project

Now he is working as a consultant for numerous 6- and 7-figure eCommerce brands. Many operate globally and on a vast scale. 
Marco is an AdWords Certified Google Partner. Hence, his knowledge of Adwords is officially backed by Google themselves. He’s also a Most Viewed Author on Quora for topics regarding Dropshipping, Shopify and eCommerce.
Some clients are:
Course Content
Section 1: AdWords Introduction
What is AdWords? How does it work? Why do I need it?  These questions and more are answered in this introduction on using AdWords like the ultimate sales machine.
Section 2: AdWords Essentials - Prepare Yourself
Learn how to effectively structure your account (campaigns, ad groups and ads) and how to link AdWords, Analytics and Shopify together seamlessly.  

You will also learn everything about proper tracking so that you always know where your profitable traffic comes from and what it is doing.
Section 3: How To Give People What They Want And Sell
You'll learn exactly how to give people what they're looking for.

This section is all about finding profitable keywords, excluding irrelevant traffic, improving ads and much, much more. We are dealing with Search Campaigns.
Section 4: Display Campaigns - Be Visible, Be Everywhere
Sometimes all it takes is showcasing your products to the right people at the right place. In this section,  I will show you how to find places where your ideal customers are hanging out, how to appeal to their interests and send them to your website.
Section 5: Shopping Campaigns - Conversion Monsters
How does a $2 CPA sound? 

It's possible if you do Shopping Campaigns the optimal way. Use Merchant Center and Product Feeds correctly to stay ahead of your competition, dominate Shopping results with optimized listings.
Section 6: Remarketing - Bring 'Em Back
Not everyone buys on first sight - you know that. 

With AdWords you can retarget the visitors that leave your site - no matter where they are. Learn how to build successful sales funnels, remarketing strategies and how to implement them in YOUR business. 

Get your most valuable traffic back!
Section 7: Scaling - Because There's More...
Do you get sales and everything works fine, but you want to bring your business to the next level? I know that feeling.

In this section, I will show you how to drastically scale your business with AdWords data analysis and Google Analytics. This includes finding new audiences, scaling existing ones, adding more sales channels etc.
Section 8: Case Studies & Tools
Learning everything about AdWords is great, but seeing how you can put this knowledge to work is even better. 

In the last section, you will be presented professional case studies that you can use for yourself as well as helpful tools to stay ahead of the curve!
Packages & Pricing
(50% OFF)
  • +35 Professional Training Videos (8 Sections)
  • Suitable for Beginners, Advanced and Professional
  • Learn How To Research Profitable Keywords, Craft Compelling Ads, Research WINNING Products, Scale Like Crazy and much, much more...
  • Bi-Weekly Training Webinars & Q+A
  • Access To All Future Updates
  • Access To Our AdWords Mastermind Facebook Group
(Or 3 monthly payments of $97)
  • Everything That Is Included Within The Full Version
  • + 2 Hours of Personal One on One Consultation (Skype) To Grow Your Business
(Or 3 monthly payments of $247)
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I own the course after paying?
Yes, this is a one-time payment course. After you pay, you own the complete course forever, without ANY other expenses coming up in the future. The only exception is if you choose the 3-month payment plan. In that case, you own the course as well, but you have to pay in three installments instead of one.
Does the course get updated?
Yes. When Google makes major changes to AdWords, or I discover new, effective sales strategies, I will update the course. 

Don't worry! You will always receive these updates for FREE.
Is some sort of interactivity included in the course?
Absolutely. When you join the course you get instant access to our exclusive AdWords Mastermind Group on Facebook. We discuss and provide feedback on each others' advertising strategies and sales tactics.

NOTE: Every other week I also hold a LIVE workshop online to personally answer your questions and help you in any way I can. It’s 100% free and only available to course students. You don’t want to miss it!
Is AdWords better than Facebook Ads?
It is different. I have a whole video dedicated to this topic in the course - where AdWords is better and where you can explore entirely new possibilities. I frequently use both platforms but you will lose huge potential if you limit yourself to Facebook only.
I'm dropshipping, can I still use Google AdWords?
Definitely. Whether AdWords is beneficial for you doesn't depend on dropshipping, it depends on how you market your dropshipping store. You’ll learn more than enough about proper sales strategies for dropshipping businesses, best practises for product selection etc.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes! I believe so much in this course that I created, so if you’re not satisfied with the information in this course (and followed the guides), you WILL get a refund within the first 30 days.

Can't Decide Yet?
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